Chris Benz


Below we have compiled some useful tips to assist you in handling your CHRIS BENZ watch everyday:

  • To avoid damages at the movement, don´t open your watch by yourself.
    Therefore please contact your CHRIS BENZ Service Center.
  • To avoid consequential damages in case of a falling you should put on your watch over tables or flat surfaces only.
  • The crown must be always put in her original position and must be locked after setting time and calendar.
  • Never pull out or rotate the crown if the crown is wet. This water can get inside the watch and results malfunctions.
  • Please check the screw-lock crown before each dive, or before any water contact. The watch will be only water-resistant if the crown is locked and securely closed. Procedure details you will find in the instruction manual.
  • Clean your CHRIS BENZ watch and the strap after each dive or salt water contact with a damp cloth. You should absolutely avoid crustings (through salt water residues). Regularly cleaning supports a longer life of straps and gaskets.
  • You should never use cleanser from the super market. They can contain chemical components, which can engages your materials of your watch. You should only use cleanser, which are made for watch cleaning.
  • For cleaning the leather straps please remove them always. A wet leatherstrap should be wiped dry. Otherwise it may be become brittle after long time.
  • While manual loading or setting date and calendar, please take the opportunity to clean your watch shortly with a soft cotton cloth or a damp cloth.
  • Let damages at the housing immediately repair by a CHRIS BENZ specialist. Only a sealed and undamaged case can protect the movement perfectly. Therefore please contact your CHRIS BENZ Service Center.
  • Use dust-free places (case or display cabinet) for keeping your watch, valuable watches in the safe of course. Extremely low (-10 degrees C) and extremely high (50 degrees C) temperatures should be avoided.