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The CHRIS BENZ DEPTHMETER Digital is the high-end model inside of diving watches. Every technical detail was integrated accurately to satisfy the maximum performance expactations through its ambitious design.

Starting at a depth of 1 m the watch shifts automatically into dive mode. Within this mode, the watch saves and records four dives in its logbook. The integrated ascent alarm which signals the diver of a too quick surfacing speed, keeps the diver safe - come what may. Every adventure in the depth of the ocean will be unforgettable.

diameter (bezel): 41.00 mm
height: 15.40 mm II width of watch strap: 20.00 mm
weight (without watch strap): 93.00 g

  • Single-sided turnable bezel Device for reading and controlling the elapsed or remaining dive time. The single-side pivoting mechanism avoids falsifying the showed time and therefore assures the safety of the diver.
  • Electronic water temperature meter Temperature data of the water is identified by means of the temperature sensor and is transferred to the display.
  • Electronic depthmeter Pressure data is identified by means of the depthmeter and is transferred with an accuracy of 10 cm to the display.
  • Safety-Lighting-System Thanks to the specially developed layer the markers and hands are highly luminescent and thus they are longer shining than the current standard luminescent coatings.
  • Sapphire crystal The hardest of all crystals is extremely scratch resistant, less sensitive to impact, has a very high refraction and is almost indestructible.
  • Screw locked crown The double gaskets mechanism and the additional fine thread of the closable crown warranty absolute water-resistance.
  • solid marine stainless steel case with screw back
    and screw locked crown
  • engraved case back with serial number
  • high-quality precise quartz movement
  • single-sided turnable bezel, diameter 41 mm
  • dial with highly luminescent hour markers and hands
    (CHRIS BENZ Safety-Lighting-System)
  • sapphire crystal
  • water temperature measuring device
  • depthmeter with digital display until 80 m
  • 200 m/20 bar waterproof
  • maximum depth memory
  • automatic activation of dive mode (from 1 m depth)
  • adjustable automatic maximum depth alarm
  • surfacing alarm when surfacing too fast
  • records for four dives (dive time, water temperature and dive depth)
  • second time zone (perfect for the holiday)
  • stop watch with interim time
  • date, calendar, alarm (timer)
  • high-quality and durable rubber strap with printed decoration chart or metal strap made of marine stainless steel with folding clasp and engraved safety lock


sepia black
shark silver
signal bouy yellow
see snkake yellow
caiman green
coral orange
fire fish red
Caribbean blue (mother-of-pearl)
deep sea blue
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