The story of CHRIS BENZ Watches Intl. is the story of a young man´s passion for the sea and water sports. Already as a young boy, Chris Benz, great-grandson to the founder of the Württemberg Watch Factory, was a water sports enthusiast and diver, who often spent more time under the water than over it. He joined forces with friends and other divers, diving instructors, surfers, sailors, and other water-sports professionals who shared his passion for the fascinating world of water. To join CHRIS BENZ Ocean Team, water-sports enthusiasts and professionals around the world, men and women alike were and still are welcome to apply for sponsorship.

The experienced underwater and overwater sports aficionados and professionals of the CHRIS BENZ Ocean Team were not fully satisfied with any of the diving watches available on the market. Each watch had its own qualities, but there were always details that did not match up to their expectations. The CHRIS BENZ Ocean Team came to the conclusion that the perfect diving watch was not to be had for love or money but hand to be crafted. After lots of tests, shop-talk and consultation, they decided what constitutes a „proper“ diving watch. They remembered the well documented story of a certain Ferruccio Lamborghini, who, unhappy with his Ferrari, decided there and then to build a better sports car himself. What could be more natural than for the CHRIS BENZ Ocean Team to follow Lamborghini’s lead and develop the perfect diving watch themselves? As professionals they knew what other professionals needed and as an entrepreneur Chris knew how to translate their needs and requirements into an affordable product.

This marked the creation of the first models of the CHRIS BENZ Collection, and the response from divers and water-sports enthusiasts was both immediate and positive. Without expensive advertising campaigns, the CHRIS BENZ  brand, which now includes 13 basis models in over 131 versions, has become a genuine contender on the water-sports scene. After all, divers will only be convinced by a watch that has proven itself in practice.

The exclusive CHRIS BENZ Collection is noted for its uncompromising functionality and superior craftsmanship.

Solid marine stainless steel casings, precision mechanisms, reliable display instruments, helium escape valve as well as depthmeter technology and warranted water resistance up to 200 bar - all are standard features in our model range. In addition, the crystal used for our watches is made of ultra scratch-proof and almost indestructible sapphire crystal. With a hardness of 9, the sapphire crystal is surpassed only by diamond with a measure of 10 on the hardness scale from 1 to 10. Standard watch crystals have am average hardness of 6,5. An additional feature of our depthmeter is the integration of handy lunettes which allow for easy adjustment even when wearing neoprene gloves. The most notable feature is the use and integration of the solid marine stainless steel casings in all of our watch models as well as the extremely robust straps. These features are guaranteed to withstand even the bite of a Great White Shark.

To prove our motto “SHARK PROOF”, our watches were subjected to a real life bite test by a Great White Shark in the waters off of Gansbaai, South Africa in the world famous Shark Alley. Under the supervision of world-famous „Shark King“ André Hartmann our test was successfully executed in the wild.

Only CHRIS BENZ diving watches, as a result, are rightfully entitled to the SHARK PROOF label. The abundance of seals in Shark Alley, the preferred prey of sharks, means that not only are plenty of predators roaming these waters, but also divers, biologists and „shark tourists“, hoping to observe these fascinating creatures at close quarters.

The SHARK PROOF test was carried out under real conditions by experienced divers and shark experts. Inexperienced water sports enthusiasts are strongly advised not to try this test themselves when encountering sharks. It is definitely preferable to treat these elegant sea predators with the respect they deserve and admire them from a safe distance.



Date of birth: May 20, 1967

Lives in: Stuttgart, Capetown (Southafrica) and Fuerteventura

Job: Head and founder of the watch brand, CHRIS BENZ

Sporting Activities: Freediving (with and without white sharks), various regattas, speed weeks Fuerte since 1986, IFCA slalom WC 2007

Favorite move: Up-side-down and high speed


  • 1967: CHRIS BENZ is born in Stuttgart
  • 1986: CHRIS BENZ holds the world record speed surfing with 30,3 knots on series board
  • 1992: Founding of the CHRIS BENZ Ocean Team on Fuerteventura (Canary Islands), Spain
  • 1996: CHRIS BENZ – Official Trademark registration and company foundation
  • 2003: Foundation of CHRIS BENZ Charity with „Dolphin Aid e.V“
  • 2004: CHRIS BENZ gets Sponsor of the „DiveTrophy“
  • 2009: Opening of the new CHRIS BENZ Headquarter in Stuttgart (Korntal-Münchingen)
  • 2009: CHRIS BENZ starts his own Watersports collection "CHRIS BENZ Wear"
  • 2010: 41 time world champ, Surf-Pro and exceptional athlete Björn Dunkerbeck gets CHRIS BENZ Ocean Team Member und Testimonial
  • 2011: CHRIS BENZ builds up his Charity programme with the  „Finca Oceana“ on Fuerteventura
  • 2011: CHRIS BENZ on „the wave of the day“ at Hookipa Beach, Maui (Hawaii)
  • 2011: CHRIS BENZ gets Sponsor of "PWA Worldtour"
  • 2012: Surf-Pro and Freestyle-Queen Sarah-Quita Offringa gets CHRIS BENZ Ocean Team Member und Testimonial
  • 2012: Video shoot of the CHRIS BENZ – SHARK PROOF. Trailer in Gansbaai (South Africa)
  • 2012: CHRIS BENZ gets the german Speedsurf-Record at the Speed-Challenge in Lüderitz (Namibia)
  • 2013: CHRIS BENZ gets „Official Timekeeper“ for the Speed-Challenge in Lüderitz (Namibia)



Chris Benz, how did you actually come to design watches?

I grew up in Fuerteventura and South Africa and ever since my childhood I spent all my free time in the sea and on the water. I got my diver‘s certification at 15, and at 19, I was the youngest competitor when I took part in my first high-speed windsurfing world championship, where I established a new worldrecord in serial boards. I‘m an active big wave surfer, and I have also done apnoea diving for many years. At the beginning I formed the CHRIS BENZ Ocean Team with other world-class athletes-divers, surfers and windsurfers, sailors, etc. Initially, we were sourcing suitable watches for our own needs and later on, through selling diving watches, we were able to pass on our collective experience to like-minded individuals and other enthusiasts. We soon realized that a watch like the one we and other professionals wanted wasn‘t available on the market.

So eventually we decided to design our own watch based on our own requirements and ideas. Obviously it‘s also quite exciting to wear an exclusive brand which not everyone else has.

What exactly was wrong with the models offered by other competitors?

In practice, many so-called diving watches work as if they had been designed by non-swimmers, or at least non-sportsmen. They try to be fashionable, but have no clear, functional design. Many watches that look really impressive in the shop are virtually useless underwater. Others, which might be suitable otherwise, aren‘t rugged enough for professional diving use.

And so you decided to design a diving watch yourself?

We have sold tens of thousands of diving watches as a dealer before. This meant that we were able to analyze all the weak points of the other brands and exchange constant feedback with other users. We finally came to the conclusion that with a better, super-robust watch we would be able to create a real chance in the market. To meet market requirements, we had to develop a top quality watch that would be able to meet the most stringent demands - both in terms of technology and design.

What precisely is the difference between a real diving watch and a normal waterproof watch?

Accuracy is crucial and we prefer high-precision quartz mechanisms. We add practical and important extra functions, such as a depthmeter or an ascent alarm, which reacts when a diver surfaces too quickly without pressure compensation. To guarantee water-tightness, our minimum specification is 20 bar compression resistance. This pressure equates to a water depth of 200 meters, but can also occur simply when you jump into the water.

To gurantee a water-tightness of 20 bar, a watch needs a screw-down crown, which along with O rings seals the watch at the level of the adjustment mechanism. Watches that are waterproof to less than 200 meters are not real diving watches. However, our portfolio also includes models that are specified for water depths up to 500, 1000 or even 2000 meters.

A genuine diving watch has a single-sided turnable bezel (the upper casing ring), which is used to set the planned dive time. It can only be rotated in one direction, which means it cannot be turned the wrong way and thereby accidentally display a longer dive time, which would be dangerous when calculating decompression time and air supplies (e.g. in the case of cave divers). As watches are often subject to severe mechanical stress when diving, we use ultra scratch-proof sapphire crystal and marine stainless steel for the casing, otherwise collisions with rocks or wreckage, for example, might damage the watches. The luminous hands on the classic black face show up very clearly, which makes them easier to read even during night dives. Our analog and digital models also display dive depth and time.

A watch without a depthmeter function may be suitable as an entry level model or an add-on to a dive computer, but state of the art expectations of modern divers obviously requires the inclusion of the full range of electronic functions, such as water temperature display or maximum depth display, which is what our top models offer.

Are you personally involved in the design of each of your watches?

Obviously not on my own, but as a diver and water sportsman I know what is important and I set the parameters for a new model accordingly. We work with experienced international designers and manufacturers, who assist me as a team with the technical and optical implementation of the specifications. Lastly, I inspect and approve each model myself, after thorough personal tests. The members of the Ocean Team are also involved in development and testing, each contributing their own experience with potential new models. We work on the models together with the aim of continuously optimizing the watches.

What makes CHRIS BENZ diving watches different from the other ones?

The models of the CHRIS BENZ Collection ONE, DEEP, DEPTHMETER and SURF&SAIL represent the top tier in diving watches. Especially with regard to the ladies´ models, we rank as the international leaders, offering by far the largest selection worldwide, with over 48 versions. I must give a special mention to our fashionable watch face colours sea anemone pink and Caribbean blue with mother-of-pearls effect.

Classic, clear design, marine stainless steel, sapphire crystal, depthmeter, water temperature measurement, helium valve technology, ascent alarm, and up to 200 bar pressure resistance can hardly be found anywhere else in similar combinations. And the endurance test performed on CHRIS BENZ watches by real sharks is definitely unique!

Is that why you use your claim – CHRIS BENZ “SHARK PROOF”?

Exactly! Our watches are able to withstand the bite of the Great White Shark. We developed this SHARK PROOF test as an absolutely extreme criterion, not just to ensure a durable memento for someone who inherits a CHRIS BENZ watch.

We did carry out the bite tests under real conditions; they were not just an advertising gimmick, but actual proof of the quality and ruggedness of our watches. That’s genuine!

You place special emphasis on the ladies models - Does that mean that women need different diving watches?

Of course women can wear a men‘s watch - and we have noticed more and more women doing just that. We have observed this growing trend at fashion shows, with celebrities and at parties. But a lot of them want more petite or delicate models, which should also be available with diverse colour combinations. We just want to make sure that we can offer such time pieces for the women that prefer a smaller sized watch but would not want to forgo the quality of a CHRIS BENZ product. Furthermore, it is naturally to be expected that men have different requirements when it comes to design, especially since diving watches are being used more and more for everyday wear, we feel however that these requirements do not always coincide with the women that want to wear a CHRIS BENZ watch.

How long has the CHRIS BENZ watch brand been in existence?

CHRIS BENZ has been an internationally registered trademark since 1996. We specialize in “pure-bred“ diving watches. My great-great-grandfather, Johannes Bürk from Schwenningen, founded the Württemberg Watch Factory back in 1833.

OK, thank you very much for the interview.. All the best. - Thank you very much.