The horse and animal farm is one of the best places on the west coast of Fuerteventura.

The „Finca Oceana“ provides a vast 250 000 m² area to accommodate homeless horses. The main purpose is to provided abused, distressed, and other home needing horses new living spaces. The horses should be given the opportunity to live in appropriate conditions to rehabilitate and recover from their troubled past.

Besides the horses, other animals such as cats, dogs and sheep are given a peacefully refuge to find a much needed shelter. On the finca they can enjoy the fantastic sea view of the southern end of the island.



„For a long time, the idea was to build a place where abandoned or other homeless horses can stay and find a home. That meant having to create the Horse Protection Association at Fuerteventura.

But where exactly should it be? Horses need a lot of space!

In 2011 we moved to the Finca of Chris, who grew up and still lives here. Now we have the opportunity to grow continuously at our need to provide the homeless horses with suitable living space.

Our special thanks goes out to CHRIS BENZ Watches Intl., who graciously have supported us in our endeavor of providing much needed animal care.“

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