Surfing, snorkeling, swimming, sailing or diving
weightless in the blue depth up to 200 meters?

No challenge is too big for a CHRIS BENZ ONE!

ONE Collection


The CHRIS BENZ DEPTHMETER collection builds the High - End - Level of diving watches worldwide.

Professional and amateur divers from all over the world rely for many years on the professional diving watches with integrated depthmeter technology and many other useful features.

High Performance meets superior craftsmanship as well as uncompromising ergonomic design. So each underwater adventure will be unforgettable!



CHRIS BENZ DEEP - Solid, strong, water resistant up to 2000 meters and almost indestructible – created for the extreme and designed for the toughest underwater challenges.

Our answer to the question for the ultimate diving watch!

DEEP Collection


CHRIS BENZ RESCUE – In the newly established series, the latest generation of CHRIS BENZ DEPTHMETER DIGITAL 200 M is now also available as RESCUE DIVER and meets all requirements for life-saving emergency services.

RESCUE Collection


Water sports is not just any sport, but a lifestyle.

Be one with the wave while surfing or sail around the world - set yourself a challenge!

The international star and icon of water sports, Björn Dunkerbeck, celebrates this lifestyle with his own "Signature Edition" - the CHRIS BENZ SURF&SAIL Björn Dunkerbeck Chronograph SIGNATURE EDITION.

SURF & SAIL Collection


Sparkle just as much as a shiny ocean surface moon reflection.

Wrap yourself in a sparkling cover of salt crystals with the CHRIS BENZ DIAMOND DIVER during the day and dive into a glamorous night with 19 individually set brilliant diamonds and the splendor of the sea on your skin.