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CHRIS BENZ Zulu Ballistic Band

CHRIS BENZ Zulu Ballistic Band

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CHRIS BENZ original accessories are always the first choice for your CHRIS BENZ watch because they were specifically developed and designed in conjunction with the product. Precise workmanship and the best materials ensure that the perfect fit, wearing comfort, 100% accuracy and the usual very long-lasting quality are guaranteed.

The extremely robust and extra long CHRIS BENZ Zulu Ballistic Strap is made from woven hi-tech nylon and therefore outperforms all conventional NATO straps. In addition, all edges and holes are sealed using special laser technology, which prevents rapid fraying and thus greatly increases longevity. Emergency services, professional divers and extreme athletes worldwide rely on the almost indestructible Zulu Ballistic Band with the highest level of comfort.

Suitable for all CHRIS BENZ watch models with 22mm lugs: DEFENSE Command Diver, DEPTHMETER Chronograph 300M, SURF&SAIL Chronograph 200M, DEEP 1000M, 1000M Automatic, DEEP 2000M Automatic, DEEP 2000M Automatic GMT and DEEP 500M Chronograph.

- Color: Black
- Clasp: silver
- Width: 22mm
- Length: 290mm
- specially developed hi-tech nylon
- extremely durable
- less water absorbent
- fast drying
- laser-sealed holes and edges to prevent fraying
- Reinforced strap loops made of black marine stainless steel
- with integrated CHRIS BENZ patch
- engraved clasp

Item no.: CB-NB-S-22-S

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